Golf inventory you find on the website has been provided to us by our partners. These partners have deals with golf courses and tee sheet providers, many of whom have barter round relationships with the golf courses listed on the website. has few direct relationships with the golf courses, instead, we aggregate the best deals from our partners and provide these to you in an easy-to-use and book interface. We know that what you want to do is quickly find the best available tee times, at times that are convenient to you, and at prices that match your budget. Our innovative website and mobile apps are designed to make it easy for you to find a tee time, store and track your favorite golf courses, and book your golf in a trusted and secure environment.

With other golf websites—we know, we’ve used them too—you are often forced to create accounts or it is cumbersome to book multiple tee times for groups or for your next golf road trip. We’ve simplified all of that. You don’t need to be a member of our website. You don’t need separate cart transactions if you are golfing at different golf courses on different days. All that we do is make it easy for you to book a tee time and play a round of golf.

Our Golf Inventory

Every tee time that you find on is real-time inventory that has been provided to us by our partners, whom in turn, have procured these from the golf course. The times you see here are the times you get when you call up a golf course directly.

In some instances, the golf courses do not share all rounds with us, holding rounds back to be used by members or resort guests. But for the rounds and rates that we do show, that time is available.

Do note, however, that for some golf courses, their inventory may go fast once it is released. What you see on our site is the same tee sheet and availability in the pro shop. If you are in the midst of booking and someone comes in and grabs that transaction before you complete the time, you may lose that time. You will not be charged unless you successfully secure your timeslot and you can choose an alternate time.

Our Prices, Barter Rounds, and Last Minute Deals

We don’t set our own prices on the website. Every price listed has been provided to us by our golf partners, including prices fed into the electronic tee sheets used by the golf courses directly. Many of the rounds you see may be discounted, and when you book directly with us, you can often get better deals on golf than by booking directly with a golf course.

Many of the golf courses and partners that expose their inventory to us practice ‘Yield Management’, meaning that if they believe that they need to discount a round of golf as it is a less competitive timeslot or near to the time of play, you may see steep discounts over regular rates.

Further still, our partners have often traded rounds of golf in what is called a ‘barter transaction’ (marketing, software, other services, etc.) Thus, our partners are motivated to turn these barter rounds into real money. However, they recognize that if the round is not played, they get zero money. That is where we come in, and where you benefit. has an incredible reach into the travel and tourism market, with tens of thousands of golfers around the world who use our services. Our barter round partners rely on us to help them promote and move their golf inventory. The end result is that you often get great prices on golf, the golf course gets a golfer that may have never experienced their course before, the partner gets their barter round turned into revenue, and we get a small transaction fee should you choose to use us to make your booking process go more smoothly.

Paying for a Round of Golf

We use 128-bit secure transaction processing to make sure that your reservation is paid for securely. Every round on the website has different rules, however, for what is charged online and what is charged in person at the time of booking.

That being said, there are two likely scenarios that govern 95% of all rounds listed on the website: pay a deposit at the time of booking, and pay for the full round at the time of booking. After choosing a round, we tell you clearly how much is due online and how much is due in person.

If the money is collected online in its entirety, this is most likely a barter transaction that has been provided to us. For these rounds, it is VERY IMPORTANT TO BRING A COPY OF YOUR EMAIL CONFIRMATION with you when you visit the golf course. This email will tell the golf course that it is a barter round and with whom the barter round was made. If for some unforeseen reason, you get grief from the pro shop when checking in, please bring this to our attention. In some instances, the marketing decisions from those higher up the golf course chain, where the barter trade may have occurred, may not have made its way down to the pro shop.

We stand behind every barter transaction with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you do receive grief from the pro shop, please bring it to our attention and we will make sure that it is addressed quickly.

If a deposit is collected only online, we will let you know how much is due when you get to the golf course. Do note: in some times, the taxes may be due on the full round. This differs on a state-by-state and golf course-by golf course basis. This deposit is to hold the time and are used to compensate certain travel partners and used as a deterrent to people cancelling a round of golf.

Cancelling a Round of Golf

It is a fact of life that sometimes you do need to cancel a round of golf. Every golf course has a different cancellation policy, and in fact, depending on the type of round being booked for a particular golf course (e.g., barter round vs. direct rack rate), and when you make a reservation, the cancellation policies may change from tee time to tee time.

When you add a tee time to your cart, you get to view a summary of the time and the cancellation policy for that round of golf. After booking, this cancellation policy will be sent to you via emails as well.

Depending on the policy for the round in question, ‘some’, ‘all’ or ‘none’ may be the answer to the question about how much is refunded if a round is cancelled. We will advocate on your behalf should you have questions or problems with these golf course cancellation policies.

Who is was established in 2008 and is one of the leading golf websites to view and book tee times. As an online tee time network, providing golfers with an easy way to find and book golf tee times from their favorite golf courses is what we do. Our clients come from around the world and use our services to book golf at new and favorite golf courses.

We process millions of dollars in golf every year securely and hope that you trust us with your business, letting us help you connect and book your next round of golf.

Golf courses the world over have a finite supply of inventory. If a round of golf is not booked, and the tee time passes without a round of golf being played, that inventory can never be recovered. At we recognize this and our objective is to ensure that every potential round of golf is played. And while we thought hard about what our philosophy should be — we pondered, we debated, we argued — in the end, we deferred to a lesson from a master:

“You must play boldly to win.”
- Arnold Palmer –

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