Travel Agents, Golf Affiliates and Partners

We are actively seeking golf marketing partners to act as referring agents to our network. We are also actively seeking Travel Agents who want to tap into the lucrative $25 billion golf market (the amount that is spend annually on golf equipment and green fees) provides the means for the nearly 30 million golfers in Canada and the United States to make online golf course reservations at more than 2,000 golf courses. As a marketing agent, you will be compensated for every golf reservation made through our online booking portal.

For Travel Agents

We have designed a golf concierge platform for use by Travel Agents. With margins for travel-related commissions being continually eroded, adding golf to your travel offering can be a great way to supplement your income.

As a Travel Agent Marketing partner, you get your own concierge login where you can make golf reservations on behalf of your clients. You will get compensated for rounds being booked.

To learn more about this option for travel agents, contact us.

For Website Operators has designed a series of golf widgets that you can use on your own websites if you are one of our marketing partners. These widgets can include a search control, an individual “Book Now” button, or even a golf inventory look-up control. In fact, our entire website was built using our widgets

To learn more about these options, contact us and we can discuss your needs.

For Partners

We are always open to innovative ways to market and promote our golf inventory. If you have a large existing clientele and have some strategic opportunities that you think might work for both of us, then please contact us.