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How to get a longer golf drive by: J.K. Malmgren Talk to anyone who knows a thing about long drive competition and odds are the first name that comes up will be Jason Zuback. The Alberta native was so dominant that he won the World Long Drive Championship four years running, from 1996 to 1999,

Concentrating on the golf course for an entire round is nearly impossible.  Even the best PGA and LPGA Professionals can become distracted at some point.  During a round you spend hours walking and talking with your playing partners.  There is more inactivity than activity during a round of golf.  However, everyone is capable of concentrating

Now that you know the basics of a routine greenside bunker shot let’s take a look at one of the hardest bunker shots.  Every golfer hates to walk up and see their ball plugged in a bunker, which is also referred to as a “fried egg.”   The following tips will help navigate this tricky shot.

Many low handicap and professional players are barely fazed when they hit their ball in the bunker.  In fact, there are times they would rather have a bunker shot instead of a shot from the rough.  The greenside bunker shot is known as one of the most feared shots in golf.  However, when you set

Have you ever noticed the number of naturally left handed people who play golf right handed?  Often, this starts due to the lack of left handed equipment available when they take up the game.  While I don’t encourage anyone to start playing from the opposite side, this could be a huge advantage to anyone who

                One of the most frustrating things about a bad golf round, which doesn’t have to do with your poor play is figuring out what is wrong with your swing on the 16th or 17th hole, when it’s too late to salvage your bloated score. It’s even more

The British Open, probably the most sought after major championship for players around the world, is set to take place at the Royal Lytham & St. Annes. Without a doubt, players will be tested and forced to rise above adversity over the 72 hole major championship. The windy and rainy weather at the Open Championship

The next time you watch a Golf Professional notice how they are able to pick a golf course apart. They always know the exact distance to their specific target. Their target could be a specific yardage short of the green, a hazard or even a specific location on the green. You never see a really

There are many circumstances on the golf course when a normal chip or pitch shot will not work. In many of these situations you need a flop shot (also known as a lob shot) that produces a high trajectory where the ball will land on the green and stop quickly. You might be forced to

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