Putting can account for fifty percent of your score.  Therefore, make sure you putt with the proper fundamentals to improve your consistency. Set up with your feet approximately shoulder width.  Bend your knees slightly and bend at your waist.  Your arms will hang down tension free, forming a triangle between your arms and shoulders.  Position

While trying to improve, many golfers continue to spend hours at the practice range fine tuning their swing.  They hit hundreds of balls, take lessons and have a better understanding of the golf swing.  However, when they take their game to the course, they still shoot roughly the same score.  Naturally, they become frustrated with

One of the least favorite responsibilities of any golf professional is enforcing a dress code.  Following the latest fashion trends, women show up with shorts that are too short.  Men show up to the club wearing denim and t-shirts.  At times, these instances can come across as confrontational when someone is required to approach a

There are many games and drills you can complete that will occupy your time and contribute to quality practice sessions.  During your next practice session, try some of the following tips, drills and games to shave a few strokes on the green.  Some of these drills and games are beneficial if you have a partner.

There are many times throughout your round where you will face a long putt from 30 feet or more.  Your goal is to hole the ball in two putts or less every time.  If you routinely make three putts or more there is a significant amount of room for improvement.  Determining where to putt the

A solid short game can save you countless shots throughout a round.  Many people often try the most difficult shot, such as a flop shot when they could perform a simple chip shot from the same location.  Attempting a flop shot is one of the trickiest shots in golf.  While it looks amazing when you

A solid short game can save you a large number of shots on the golf course.  Easily sixty percent of your score can be within 100 yards of the green.  The following chipping drill is designed to improve your contact and swing path.  When completed correctly the ball will start toward your intended target. Begin

A chip shot produces a low trajectory and rolls on the ground.  The main objective is to get the ball rolling like a putt.  A chip shot is also referred to as a “bump and run.”  You make the same swing with a variety of clubs and the loft will produce a shot with different

Technology and science have taken golf instruction to the next level.  However, some of the best golf drills have been around for years.  Some of the classic golf drills will continue to be used for years to come.  Chances are if you play golf you have probably used the “Feet together drill” at some point.

Did you ever notice how effortless any PGA or LPGA Tour Professional swing a golf club?  In fact, they generate an enormous amount of club head speed while maintaining their balance.  Rarely do you actually see an elite player over swing.  They maintain their balance with a very high swing speed.  Balance and tempo are