Chipping Drills for the Golf Course

A solid short game can save you a large number of shots on the golf course.  Easily sixty percent of your score can be within 100 yards of the green.  The following chipping drill is designed to improve your contact and swing path.  When completed correctly the ball will start toward your intended target.

Begin by placing two clubs parallel to each other on the ground about 12 inches away from each other.  Line the clubs up in the direction of a hole or target on the practice green.  This drill is similar to where you practice putting between the two clubs.  Take your normal chipping set up and place a ball between the two clubs on the ground.  This drill will emphasize keeping the club on the correct path.  The drill will also help you line up correctly.  During the swing if the club head hits the clubs on the ground you are cutting across the ball.

Start by hitting chip shots with your 7 iron.  Work on making short backswings and keeping the club low to the ground on the follow through.  The club head should be extended down the line by keeping it between the two clubs.  Gradually start moving farther away and switching to more lofted clubs such as a pitching wedge or sand wedge.  Again, practice making bigger swings without hitting the clubs on the ground.  Successfully completing this drill improve your swing path and hit the ball towards your intended target.

In addition to creating a better swing path, make a downward strike to hit the ball in the air.  Do not bend or break your wrists.    At impact make sure your left arm is straight while the club head lags behind your arms and hands.  This prevents you from flipping your wrists trying to lift or scoop the ball.  Your arms and shoulders should be swinging the club while your lower body remains still throughout the swing.

Matt Keller, PGA



FEATURED AUTHOR: Matt Keller is a PGA Golf Professional with over 15 years of experience. Throughout his career he has worked at courses in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida and Delaware. Matt has conducted thousands of golf lessons to players of all ages and ability levels. Currently, he is a PGA Professional at Cripple Creek Golf and Country Club located near Bethany Beach, DE

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