Putting Drills to Lower your Golf Handicap

While trying to improve, many golfers continue to spend hours at the practice range fine tuning their swing.  They hit hundreds of balls, take lessons and have a better understanding of the golf swing.  However, when they take their game to the course, they still shoot roughly the same score.  Naturally, they become frustrated with the lack of results.  While it is beneficial they spend time practicing full swings, they need to adjust their practice habits if they really want a lower handicap.

Focus on your short game skills if you are serious about lowering your handicap.  The following are three drills guaranteed to improve your putting.

Putts within 10 feet of the hole are crucial to shooting a lower score. Practice by placing 2 clubs on the ground, wide enough to set the putter behind the ball.  Keep the putter on the correct path by swinging the putter inside the two clubs.   If you take the putter off the intended line you will hit one of the clubs.  Be sure to make smooth swings and follow through.  If done correctly the ball will travel through the middle of the two clubs toward the hole.

Practice the clock drill. Place three balls in a line at three, six, and nine feet from the hole similar to the twelve, three, six and nine position on a clock.  The goal is to make all twelve in a row.  If you miss any putt, then go back to the beginning and start over.

Finally, improve from longer distances and limit your three putts.  Place a tee in the ground 10 feet, 20 feet and 30 feet away.   In this drill, you are attempting to control the speed you hit each putt to the different tees.  This drill teaches the correct pace for longer putts.

If you practice these three drills you will shoot improve your putting and lower your handicap. Many golfers search for more distance in their golf game. A solid short game will compensate for distance limitations.


Matthew Keller, PGA

Email: keller@pga.com


FEATURED AUTHOR: Matt Keller is a PGA Golf Professional with over 15 years of experience. Throughout his career he has worked at courses in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida and Delaware. Matt has conducted thousands of golf lessons to players of all ages and ability levels. Currently, he is a PGA Professional at Cripple Creek Golf and Country Club located near Bethany Beach, DE

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